iOpraveno NANO Liquid Screen Protector Packaging Small - 1pc

iOpraveno NANO Liquid Screen Protector

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Properties of NANO glass:

- Water resistance
- Durability up to 9H
- Resistant to grease and fingerprints

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We would like to introduce you to a new product to protect the screen for your mobile phone or other device with a glass display!

The product was made on the basis of silica (SIO2) according to a new recipe, which we had custom-made! To ensure a true durability of up to 9H , we have further improved this ingredient and it is up to 50% more effective than the previous version. The process took a lot of time, so we are introducing this product to you almost a year after the first version is sold out!
Thanks to nano-hydrophobic technology, it provides an invisible coating that protects the display. Maintains full touch sensitivity and 100% transparency. With its NANO function, liquid glass is a great solution for all types of glass displays.

The application of the nano slide is simple and can be done by anyone. Just drip the liquid onto a microfiber cloth (1/2 is enough). Then spread a damp cloth over the display, first horizontally, then in a circular motion. Leave on for at least 5 minutes. Repeat the whole process at least 2 times. (There are instructions on each package)

Properties of NANO glass:

- Water resistance
- Durability up to 9H
- Resistant to grease and fingerprints

The SET includes:
1 x NANO liquid
1 x Microfiber cloth
1 x Cloth soaked in alcohol
1 x Dry cloth

How much NANO fluid do you need?

  • 1x per display (any mobile device) can be used in packs of two on the back of the device :)
  • 0.5x per smartwatch
  • 2x per tablet

The layer lasts about 3-4 months with intensive use. Compared to the original version, the layer lasts 2 times longer.

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