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2019 - April

Refurbishing and selling iPhones

We refurbished broken iPhones and started selling them. Everything went smoothly and we enjoyed our work.

2021 - January

We have established social networks

We decided to avoid the sterotype and set up social networks where we would show our work and help people with Apple devices. We were still mostly dedicated to repairing iPhones.

2022 - January

Opening of a store in České Budějovice

We opened our first store, where we started to devote ourselves to accessories in depth. Patches have declined due to Apple's restriction of patches.

2023 - May

We closed the store and breathed a sigh of relief

In the beginning, we were happy with the store, but gradually it revealed the problems of offline. Various pitfalls, which actually only slowed us down, were already getting on our nerves. We closed the store, lost a lot of money, but we learned the biggest life lesson.

2023 - December

A year full of twists and turns, but the best one

We served over a thousand orders during the Christmas madness. We took orders daily 3 times a day to the Zásilkovna depot. Most of the orders were delivered the very next day.



2020 - March

Covid-19 started and it was clear to us

Covid started and it was clear to us that it would no longer be possible to sell iPhones as before. So we agreed to set up a service that would be contactless. They came up with a name and created an e-shop. At that time, he was still in webnode.cz

2021 - June

Social networks have a success of 10k followers

Social media shot us out of space and we finally reached 10k followers on Instagram.

2023 - March

The beginning of our protective glass brand

Thanks to the fact that we gradually stopped paying attention to the service and most of our attention landed on accessories for Apple. We gained a new passion and vision. Create TOP accessories for Apple. So we started selling our protective glasses with an applicator. The glass was a huge success and we managed to sell 10,000+ pieces.

2023 - August

We got back on our feet!

We put everything in order and focused only on our own brand of protective glass. We managed to expand to a large number of new customers and orders grew daily.

2024 - January

A lot of news is already on the way

Our brand is growing and quality products are gradually being added to the lineup.