iOpraveno PACK of CLEAR lenses (including applicator)

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High-quality protective glass covered with NANO layer to reflect dirt and protect against scratches. The glass contains a grille to protect the earpiece. Including a set for proper gluing. Pack contains 1x Clear glass with applicator and 1x additional CLEAR GLASS


Premium screen protection including an applicator that ensures the glass is glued exactly to you. The application generates static electricity that removes all dust from the display. The latter is pulled out on the film when applying the glass itself.

This is the very best solution if you want high-quality protective glass without bubbles and dust underneath.

The applicator itself is reusable and there is no need to throw it away. In our e-shop you can order additional protective glass without an applicator. Not only will the second protective glass cost you less, but it will always be just as perfectly glued :) Here is the possibility to order the glass itself.

Let's summarize the five best reasons to choose our protective glass with a simple bonding system:

1. Highest quality: our glass is covered with NANO layer for dirt reflection and scratch protection.

2. Innovative applicator: ensures accurate and flawless gluing of the glass to your phone display.

3. Efficient cleaning inside the box: static electricity removes all dust from the display.

4. Eco-friendly solution: the applicator is reusable, so there is no need to throw it away after one use.

5. Save money: you can order a protective glass supplement without applicator directly from our e-shop at a lower price.

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