iOpraveno PREMI PRIVACY protective glass with simple bonding system (without applicator)

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High-quality protective glass covered with NANO layer to reflect dirt and protect against scratches. The glass contains a grille to protect the earpiece. It is used for use with the applicator or to supplement it. The PRIVACY version guarantees maximum privacy, as the glass darkens from the sides. The content on the display is therefore visible only directly. Thanks to its precise design, it does not affect the quality of the display.


Premium screen protection without applicator, which is used to add to the applicator itself, which you can get in our e-shop. The application generates static electricity that removes all dust from the display. The latter is pulled out on the film when applying the glass itself.

This is the very best solution if you want high-quality protective glass without bubbles and dust underneath.

The applicator itself is reusable and there is no need to throw it away. In our e-shop you can order additional protective glass without an applicator. Not only will the second protective glass cost you less, but it will always be just as perfectly glued :)

On some models, there is a possibility of delivery delays due to high demand.

Protective glass application

Advantages of glass

+ simple and fast application

+ reusable applicator (wide compatibility)

+ quality of workmanship (high quality glass with unique cover of the earphone opening)

+ NANO layer for smoother and cleaner surface

+ Saving money

+ Dust-free application (static electricity ensures that all dust is pulled out with the foil)

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